Game Rules

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I. General

  • 1. Registrations

    "Lady Popular Fashion Arena" in its current form has a mobile app available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store and a web-based version available at www.ladypopular.com. Registration is completely free, and the only condition is that players agree to these rules, terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Although players can play the game as a GUEST on the mobile app, all the rules described here apply in full force.
  • 2. Accounts

    Every player should register only one account in the game. It is forbidden to register and use more than 1 account, as well as to borrow or log in to other people's accounts, regardless of the reason.
  • 3. The Lady Popular game

    The Lady Popular team is not responsible for misinterpretation of the options that the game offers. Lady Popular is a virtual game and although it is close to real life, it remains a virtual copy of it. The game offers virtual enhancements on the doll that mimic real life. However, the use of cosmetics, facial adjustments and skin changes are a matter of personal choice for each person and we are not responsible for actions taken because of time spent in the game.
  • 4. Virtual currency and services

    Transfers of purchased virtual currency (diamonds, emeralds, dollars, etc.) or virtual services (Premium subscription, talents, etc.) from one game version (country) to another, from one player to another or between different XS-Software games are not allowed. Any such requests will be denied.
  • 5. Official Language

    The official language in the Lady Popular game is English. Comments, questions, and all other posts must be submitted in English only.

II. Prohibitions and Penalties

  • 1. Using bots (automatic scripts)


    Bots are (automated) scripts of any form and type, which simulate activity in an account (this does not include the game's own automated scripts). The use of any bots is strictly prohibited.

    The penalty for using bots and/ or automatic scripts is blocking account without any warning.

  • 2. Chargebacks


    Chargeback is the action of requesting the funds back after purchasing an in-game service and using it. Chargebacks is strictly prohibited.

    The penalty for chargeback is blocking account without any warning.

  • 3. Intrusions


    Intrusions are considered any intentional actions towards machines and/ or other players in the game. This description includes:

    • attacking the server* (attempts for circumventing the system in an undisguised way, deliberately hindering the work of the server or manipulating the codes of the game);

    • attempting to infiltrate client computers;

    • direct intrusion (entry into somebody else's account without the knowledge of the owner, i.e. Hacking);

    • indirect intrusion (interfering in another player's account);

    • manipulating the game code;

    • posting fraud messages;

    • being part of fraud messages;

    • any other malicious action against another player or server (this includes circumvention of the rules of the game from one computer or mobile device: IP address using software to conceal the user's IP address, open public proxy servers and any such methods);

    • use of any techniques to obtain confidential information from other users, passwords, codes of various types and all types of information to which they would not normally have access.

    * The game administration reserves the right to seek compensation and bring the matter to court for damages and reimbursement of administrative costs, according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    The penalty for any type of intrusion is blocking account without any warning.

  • 4. Bug exploit


    A bug is a weakness or an honest mistake in the product code which may allow the user to benefit from the game in an unauthorized manner. Bug exploit is considered any activity which prevents the server and/ or software to carry out the expected tasks.

    If a player finds a glitch in the game, he/she must immediately inform the administration.

    The penalty for bug exploit, regardless if it has been reported or not, is blocking account without any warning.

  • 5. Abuse and harassment


    Abuse is considered any type of inappropriate behavior contrary to public decency towards other players in the game. This description also includes:

    • advertisement of pornography/ illegal material;

    • offensive and obscene names;

    • offensive and obscene nicknames and/ or avatars in the forum or the game.

    All pictures, avatars, names and nicknames with highly erotic content, pornography, violence, or anything contrary to public decency as well as any other illegal material will be censored.

    Penalty for this kind of abuse is blocking account without any warning.

    Harassment is commonly considered as behavior that demeans, humiliates, or embarrasses a person.

    Harassment directs multiple repeating obscenities and derogatory comments at specific individuals focusing, for example, on the targets' race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation. This may also include stealing photos of the victim and their families, doctoring these photos in offensive ways, and then posting them on social media with the aim of causing emotional distress.

  • 6. Abusive language


    6.1. Insults

    Insults of any kind, regardless of whom they are addressed to and where they are published (for example: inside a comment in the profile, in a personal message, as a name of a Lady or a pet etc.) are strictly prohibited. All insulting content will be censored, and the players will be punished.

    6.2. Threads, curses, and abusive language

    Any kind of blackmail or threats (physical, as opposed to virtual life) made against other players are strictly prohibited.

    6.3. Impersonating an Administrator

    Game Administrators are the people who can help any of the players in case of problems and questions related to the game. As such, they need to be respected and any kind of act of impersonating an Administrator is strictly prohibited. This description also includes:

    • attempts of Users to pressure members of the game team to get any preferences over other players in the game;

    • insults and threats from users aimed at the game team, regardless of the type, location, and time in which they are made. The team reserves the right to act at its discretion when the abuse is proven, without any explanation or notification to any external entity;

    • insults and threats by members of the game team made to users (see previous section). The penalties apply to all members of the game, regardless of their donation status;

    • disrespectful and malicious behavior in communication with the game team in the various communication channels.

    Penalty for this kind of abuse is restricting access to the account and game options or social networks and other communication channels without any warning.

  • 7. Spam


    Spam is considered any type of sending unwanted messages to other players in the game. This description also includes:

    7.1. Asking for a vote or sharing a vote

    Asking for a vote and sharing a vote for any of the in-game contests is strictly prohibited.

    7.2. Troll messages

    Messages with a false content with the purpose of making other players perform game activities to receive any kind of a reward is strictly prohibited.

    7.3. Advertisements for commercial purposes

    Any unauthorized advertising in the fields intended for user information, in comments about other players or usernames in the form of text, banners, links, pictures, avatars etc. are strictly prohibited.

    Penalty for any kind of spam is restricting access to the account and game options or social networks and other communication channels without any warning.

  • 8. Social Media Channels

    The team members reserve the right to restrict players' access to the Social Media Channels due to violations of any of the rules listed in this section. Restricted access to social networks does not reflect access to the game unless the player has violated the rules in parallel in both places.

III. Reports

  • 1. Reporting players


    Reporting a player for any violation may be done via the “Contact us” form or via the dedicated buttons for reporting messages, profile info, name, etc.

    Verification is done by the team as soon as possible.

    When a player falsely reports another player in order to discredit an opponent, the reporter suffers the penalties that the reported player would have suffered if he/she was guilty of the reported wrongdoing.

  • 2. Reporting team members


    When abuse by members of the team is suspected, a player or a group of players may demand close examination. Such a request may be made only to email address support@ladypopular.com. If there is proof of guilt, the offender will be punished by withdrawal of all rights in the game and exclusion from the game team.

    * Applications and requests will be considered by the management of XS Software only if they are written literately.

IV. Additional rules

  • 1. Review of administrative decisions


    Actions carried out by a team member can be amended only by the same team member or an administrator.

  • 2. Compensations


    2.1. In-game bugs and/ or mistakes

    If a player has suffered losses because of bugs or mistakes of the game team as a whole, he/she shall be compensated. The compensation is determined by the team taking into account the damage that has been inflicted. The team of the game reserves the right to determine the compensation and it is not subject to bargaining and review.

    2.2. Circumventing moderator's decisions

    If a player attempts to circumvent the decision of a team member by contacting other members, the player shall be punished by blocking the account. An exception is contacting us at email support@ladypopular.com with a logical and reasonable explanation of the objection.

  • 3. Objections


    Unreasonable objections to rules may lead to any of the penalties listed above or blocking of the account in the game. Depending on the degree of misconduct the penalty can be extended outside of the Lady Popular game to a further denial of service, including the Lady Popular social media channels and forums. The team members of Lady Popular agree to penalize such actions to the best of their knowledge and vision.

  • 4. Unlisted cases


    The game administrators reserve the right to punish players who violate the rules in a way not listed here at their own discretion. The members of the team are not obliged to give additional explanations after stating the initial reason for the imposed punishment.

V. Game Team

  • 1. Game Team


    It is not recommended for team members to play Lady Popular, regardless of what name and form they use in the game. However, team members have the right to test the game's functionality on our live servers to make sure that everything in the game is working properly and / or to check for reported problems by users. The team of the Game:

    • is not liable for any damages (game related or not) incurred by users as a result of their participation in the game;

    • is not responsible for problems associated with the game machines or the game itself;

    • reserves the right to compensate players for losses due to actions of the team;

    • reserves the right to make corrections in all aspects of the game without prior notice;

    • reserves the right to change/supplement these rules and warn about it with mass messages in the game;

    • reserves the right to suspend access to the game when necessary without prior notice. This applies both to scheduled maintenance stoppages due to the servers, and accidental or emergency situations.

VI. Contacts

  • 1. Contacts


    The only official form for contact with the administration is located in the game Settings, menu “Contact Us”. You can also use the social media channels by placing topics, comments, or posts in the relevant sections or by personal communication, but the team is not obligated to respond or take any actions.

VII. Users

  • 1. Users


    By registering an account in the game Users declare that they have read these rules and agree with them, that they will abide by the rules of fair play and are willing to endure the penalties mentioned above if the team deems it necessary. They accept, as their responsibility, to keep themselves informed about changes in the rules. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse the players who have violated them. They are obliged to take care of their personal information and not to give it to others, including former or current members of the team. If such information is provided, the team will not accept any responsibility.

    The Rights to the game belong to XS Software JSCo.

    The Rights to the text belong to XS Software JSCo and their reproduction in any form without our written consent is prohibited.