Fashion Seasons, Daily Tasks and Wheel

Fashion Seasons

Fashion Seasons will boost you progress in the game and will remind you of essential tasks you need to do in the game and in the end will grant you with rewards.

The duration of each Fashion Season is 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks you will have the chance to win Chests full of rewards. To win these Chests, you will need Keys. You can get these Keys by completing Daily Tasks and winning duels against other players on the Fashion Arena and judging and competing on the Beauty Pageant.

There are also Bonus chests which you can claim more than once during the Season.

The Fashion Seasons is a free to play feature that offers you free Chests with rewards. However, players who want to benefit more from their activity will have the chance to unlock Premium Chests with even better rewards. This means that these players will benefit from both Free and Premium chests to boost their progress.

If you find yourself unable to reach the desired level of chests you can benefit from the option to reach the next level by paying certain number of diamonds.

Daily Tasks

The Daily Tasks will help you progress significantly in the game and will remind you of essential tasks you need to do in the game. Each day you will have a selection of different daily tasks that you will need to perform. Each task will reward you with Keys that you can use in the Fashion Seasons.

There are two constant tasks, that will be available every day and will reward you with significantly bigger number of Keys.

Do not forget to finish all your tasks each day so you can get as many chests in the Fashion Seasons as possible.

The collected Keys will also grant you 3 special Chests, that you can win in the Daily Tasks.

Daily Wheel

The Daily wheel is a wheel of luck that will reward you each day. Once you login the game, do not forget to spin your wheel and get an amazing reward. Consistency is well rewarded – progress in the Daily Wheel to unlock better rewards on certain days. If you forget to spin your Wheel, it will restart, and you will lose your progress and you will start from Day 1. You have 1 regular spin per day, but you can win additional spins by watching an add or as a reward from the Fashion Seasons Chests.

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