The VIP Shop is the place where you can boost your progress in the game. Here are the main options you can use the in the VIP Shop:

Exchange Diamonds for Dollars – this option will help you when you are out of dollars and you need them right now. You can immediately get Dollars, but this will cost you Diamonds.

Popularity Boosters – you can purchase Boosters that will increase your Popularity Statistics for a certain period. We recommend taking advantage of this and making as many duels on the Arena as possible, while your stats are boosted.

• If you consume the same booster several times, its duration is increased.

• If you consume different boosters for the same stat, their % bonus are summed up and you receive greater boost. The bonus is calculated on your base Popularity Statistic, so it doesn’t matter in which order you activate the Boosters.

Talents – Just like the Boosters, the Talents will give you an advantage for 1 week in certain game elements. They can boost your Dollars income and Profile Ratings.

Energy – if you want to be the best in the game you have to be active. This means that you will need additional Energy to beat your opponents. Here you can refill your Energy or purchase additional Max Energy for a certain period. The Max Energy booster increases your refill limit, allowing you more time between your energy has replenished.

Loyalty Cards – they are received by purchasing Diamonds and are active for a certain period during which you are benefiting from a discount of the prices of all items at the Mall, Furniture shop, Boutique and Pets' stores.

VIP GIFTS – Win a special Gift from the game by simply spending diamonds in the game. This Gift is limited and is unique each month. The Gift is received only by those who are spending diamonds in the game. It is our team’s way to say “Thank you!” to our most dedicated players!

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