Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant is the place where you test your style against other ladies and win Dollars or judge other ladies who are challenging on the Pageant.

Once you select the best outfit to match the daily Beauty Pageant Theme you are ready to challenge other ladies. The game will match you with another lady on a random basis and you both will wait for another player to judge your duel. The Judge doesn’t know the names of the ladies and his/her vote is based on his/her opinion on who dressed better for the specific theme. Once your duel has been judged you will be able to see the result of it.

To participate with your outfit on the Beauty Pageant you will need a Beauty Pass. You must judge other ladies, so you can win Beauty Passes, so later you can participate.

By judging duels in the Beauty Pageant you win Dollars and Beauty Pageant Passes.

By winning Beauty Pageant duels you win Dollars.

You need 2 Beauty Pageant Energy to judge a duel.

You need 1 Beauty Pass to participate in a Beauty Pageant Duel.

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