The Carnival is a place where you can play “Lucky Cards” and “Fashion Machine”. These are mini games from which you can earn some extra rewards and outfits for you.

The Lucky Cards – There are several decks in the game and you unlock them by progressing in the game and level up. Each day players can open 3 cards with Dollars in each of the decks. Once you have used all your Dollars attempts you can continue opening cards with Diamonds.

Each deck has a different unlock level, price in dollars and rewards in it.

The Fashion Machine – this game is pretty similar to the Bingo game. You have a board with numbers. You must spin the machine and 5 random numbers are selected. Check you board and mark the numbers that are presented there. The goal is to mark winning combinations on the board in any of the following directions – horizontals, verticals, diagonals or four corners.

You have 1 free game per day. If you want you can continue playing with Diamonds.

You can also take advantage of the Jokers, which will give you the opportunity to mark numbers on the board.

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