The Contests are the place where you compete against other ladies in the game. Winning a contest will grant you rewards to boost your progress in the game.

There are 3 different contests in Lady Popular Fashion Arena:

  • 1. Fashion Arena Contest – a weekly contest
  • 2. Beauty Pageant Contest – a weekly contest
  • 3. Monthly Podium – a monthly contest

Fashion Arena Contest

The Fashion Arena Contest is based on your wins on the Fashion Arena. The more duels you win the better position you will reach in the final ranking of your League. It is important to increase your Popularity Statistics, so you can win more duels on the Arena.

Beauty Pageant Contests

The Beauty Pageant Contest is based on your wins on the Beauty Pageant. The more wins you have, the better position you will reach in the final ranking of your League. It is important to be active on the Beauty Pageant and to follow the theme for the day. Having more clothes in your Wardrobe will help you compete against the others. Make sure that you regularly shop in the Mall and from the Collections and take part in the Events, so you can get more and more clothes to use on the Beauty Pageant and get more wins.

Fashion Arena and Beauty Pageant Leagues

Every week you are assigned into a group with players and you compete with them. In your group the players can be on different levels. Your final ranking is determined by the number of wins you have. Your level is only important for the prize you'll get in the particular week. Your League determines the reward you can win. The higher your level is - the higher the league and rewards from the Fashion Arena and Beauty Pageant contests.

Contests restart on Tuesday.

Your league changes with the beginning of the new contest.

Here are the Leagues:

  • • Newbie – all new players from level 1 to 9, and the one who were not been active in the previous week.
  • • Bronze – level 10 to 14
  • • Silver – level 15 to 19
  • • Gold – level 20 - 24
  • • Platinum – level 25 - 29
  • • Amethyst – level 30 to 34
  • • Sapphire – level 35 to 39
  • • Ruby – level 40 to 44
  • • Emerald – level 45 to 49
  • • Diamond – level 50 and above

Monthly Podium

The fashion podium is a monthly contest for all ladies in the game version based on players votes.

Every month there are 3 winners on the podium. They are the ladies with highest rating received from voting from other ladies. Voting happens in players' profile. A player can vote for a certain lady once per day.

Each player has a rating that is the sum of the rating points from all votes of other players. Rating points are +1, +2 and +3.

In the beginning of every month your rating is reset.

You can win each of the 3 places on the podium only once.

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