Fashion Arena

Fashion arena is the place where you can challenge other ladies on fashion duels and win Emeralds and Experience for your lady.

In the fashion duel you compete by comparison of your Popularity Statistics with your opponent’s ones. The lady whose Statistics are higher wins the duel.

The fashion duel is played in 3 rounds. Three Popularity Statistics are selected at random and are compared. The lady, whose Statistics are higher, wins the round. The lady who wins more rounds wins the duel and receives Experience and Emeralds as a reward.

The losing player loses nothing from this battle. The loser will receive emerald dust. Once you gather 10 Emerald Dust it converts automatically to 1 Emerald.

Your opponent will be selected at random among the rest of the ladies close to your level. Your Popularity Statistics are the key to successful duels on the Fashion Arena.

In order to play duels on the Fashion Arena, you need Fashion Arena Energy (Orange) – 1 of your lady’s Fashion Arena Energy is consumed automatically when you challenge a lady to a fashion duel.

Fashion duels are the best way to gain Emeralds and Experience so your lady can always bring some freshness to her wardrobe by spending the rewards on trendy clothes in the Limited Collections and Events.

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