Regole del gioco


I. General

1. Registrations
"Lady Popular" in its current form is a web-based game. Registration is completely free and the only condition is the agreement with these rules.

2. Accounts
Every player /person/ may have only one account.

3. Forum
The forum located at is the official organ of the game Lady Popular. All objections thereto shall be deemed a breach of these rules and may result in penalties in the forum and the game. 

4. The Lady Popular game
The Lady Popular team is not responsible for misinterpretations of the options that the game offers.
Lady Popular is a virtual game and although it is close to real life, it remains a virtual copy of it. Plastic surgery in real life is a serious operation, which must be approached carefully and with understanding. The law prohibits cosmetic operations for people under 18 years. Before taking such a step it is better to seek advice from friends, family or an expert, if you have any concerns or any issues as a result of your game and Lady Popular options available in the game.

5. Updating the game Lady Popular
Lady Popular is a dynamic game, which will be updated at different times. New features and articles will be added. Any user who has accepted these rules has no right to protest against these changes.

6. Minor users of Lady Popular *
Any minor user are obliged to inform their parents about registering in the game (according to the country's law).

6.1. Donations for the game can be made only with the knowledge and consent of parents.
6.2. Minor users cannot use private messaging in the game.
6.3. Minor users are not allowed to use the forum, except for the special section "Little Ladies' Forum"
* The game team is not liable for false age given at registration.

7. Official Language

The official language in the LadyPopular game and forum ( is English. Comments, questions, and all other posts must be submitted using English only.

II. Prohibitions and Penalties

1. Multiaccounting

1.1. Multiaccounting means the registration of more than one account by one player. This is strictly prohibited and penalties for violation of this rule are applied whether the accounts are at a zero level or developed.

1.2. Participants who use the same computer, must notify the administrator immediately after the registration of more than one account through Users who have not warned the administration about playing on one computer are considered violators and should be punished. In the game from the same computer players do not have the right to:

  • vote for each other;
  • duel each other;
  • provide any assistance to accounts from the same computer;
  • participate in any coordinated actions with participants from the same computer against third users;
  • log more than one account on the same computer simultaneously;

1.3. The establishment of a subsidiary account from another IP whit the purpose of supporting the principal in some way, for example voting or dueling, is also considered as multiaccounting.

Note: These are just a few examples of direct or indirect multiaccounting.

1.4.The penalty for multiaccounting is blocking accounts without any warning

2. Bugs and Intrusion in the Game

Bug is a weakness or an honest mistake in the product code, which allows the user to benefit from the game in an unauthorized manner or activity which prevents the server and / or software to carry out the set and expected tasks.

2.1. If a player finds a glitch in the game, he must immediately inform the administration. For using unreported bugs, the player shall be punished by blocking the account without warning.

2.2. If a player uses a reported, but unresolved bug, the player is punished with a reduction of half of his/her points.

2.3. For direct intrusion (entry into somebody else's account without the knowledge of the owner, i.e. Hacking), indirect intrusion (interference with the game of another's account) or any malicious action against another player or server *, the offender shall be punished by blocking the account.

2.4. If there is an attempt at circumventing the system in an open way, deliberately hindering the work of the server or manipulating the codes of the game, the offender shall be punished by blocking the account *.

* The administration of the game retains the right to seek compensation and bring the matter to court, according to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria for damages and reimbursement of administrative costs.

3. Bots
Bots are (automated) scripts in any form, simulating activity in an account (not including the automated scripts of the game). The use of any bots is strictly prohibited and punished by blocking the account.

4. Blackmail and insults

4.1. Any kind of blackmail and threats (physical, compared to virtual life), addressed to the players, may lead to a temporary or permanent block of the sender's account. At the discretion of the team that blocking may also apply for access to the forum. For such kind of violation the player is punished by blocking his/her account for 5 to 48 hours. If the User breaks this rule again his/her account can be blocked for indefinite period of time at the discretion of the team.

4.2. Insults
4.2.1. Insults of any kind, regardless of whom they are addressed to and where they are published /for example in a comment in the profile, in a personal message, as a name of a Lady or a pet etc./ will be penalized respectively: at first misconduct - from 5 to 48 hours; at repetition - at the discretion of the team. Insulting names will be censored.

4.3. Pictures and avatars
Pictures or avatars with high erotic charge, frank pornography, violence or in any way contrary to public decency, will be censored, and the player who used them will be punished in the manner described in section 1.1. and 1.2.

4.4. Votes and comments
Users may not share (in a personal message, in a comment in the profile of the game, in the forum or otherwise not listed in these rules) information about the players they voted for and their evaluations.

5. Penalties

Except for the violations listed in points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, the following things are also subject to a penalty:

5.1. Attempts of Users to pressure members of the game team in order to get any preferences over other players in the game.

5.2. Use of any techniques from consumers in order to obtain confidential information from other users, passwords, codes of various types and all types of information to which they would not normally have access.

5.3. Circumvention of the rules of the game from one computer /IP address using the software to conceal the user's IP address, open public proxy servers and any such methods/.

5.4. Offensive and obscene names.

5.5. Offensive and obscene names and / or avatars in the forum or the game.

5.6. Insults and threats from consumers to the team of the game, regardless of the type, location and time at which they are addressed. The team reserves the right to act at its discretion when the abuse is proven, without any explanation or notification to any external entity.

5.7 Insults and threats by members of the game team to consumers (see previous section). The penalties apply to absolutely all members of the game, regardless of their charity status.

Team reserves the right to apply penalty from each of the following types without notifying the players.

The penalties are:

  • temporary ban on Expressions of Opinion in the forum of the game;
  • permanent ban on Expressions of Opinion in the forum of the game;
  • temporary ban on access to the forum of the game;
  • permanent ban on access to the forum of the game;
  • temporary ban on the use of system messages in the game;
  • permanent ban on the use of system messages in the game;
  • temporary ban on participation in the game;
  • permanent ban on participation in the game;
  • deleting user's account;
  • when there is proven multiaccounting - deactivation of all accounts involved in it .*
  • blocking / filtering access to the machinery involved in the game.

Proven in this context means that the team unanimously considered the event as infringement. The team is not obliged to give explanations for its decision.

Note: Questions about blocked accounts / access, limited rights, etc. can be set at Coarse language, insults and repeated requests for comment after one has been obtained will not be tolerated.

6. Ads

Any unauthorized advertising in the fields for user information, in the comments about other players or user names in the form of text, banners, links, pictures, avatars etc.. are prohibited.

III. Reports

1. Reporting of players

Reporting a player for any violations is made in the forum or at:, .

Verification is done by the team of the game before the weekly rating is taken.
When a player reports another one falsely, just to punish an opponent, the reporter suffers the penalties that the reported player would suffer if he/she was really guilty.

2. Reporting on the team members

When abuse by members of the team is suspected, a player or a group of players may require close examination. Such a request can be addressed only to If there is a proof of guilt, the offender will be punished by withdrawal of all rights in the game and exclusion of the working team.

* Applications and requests will be considered by the management staff of XS Software, only if they are written literately.

IV. Additions

1. Review of administrative decisions

Actions carried out by a moderator can be abolished only by the same moderator or an administrator.

2. Compensations

2.1. If a player suffers from bugs or mistakes of the team of the game in general he/she should be compensated.

2.2. If players attempt to circumvent the decision of a moderator by connecting with other moderators, the player shall be punished by blocking the account. An exception is connecting with administrator.

3. Objections

Unreasonable objections to rules could lead to any of the above penalties or blocking of the account in the game. Depending on the degree of misconduct penalty can be extended not only to the game LadyPopular, but to a further denial of service, including the forum LadyPopular. Team members of LadyPopular agree to penalize such actions as the best of our knowledge and vision.

4. Listed cases

The game administrators reserve the right to punish players who violate the rules in a way not listed in them at their discretion .

V. Donations

Donations to the company XS Software JSCo whether by SMS or another alternative method, are not subject of return or compensation. When an account is punished due to disregarding current rules, the team is not obliged to transfer the nanocredits from this account to a new one or to somehow compensate the owner.

An account which donated for the development of the game is a donor. Donating is completely voluntary and does not engage the team of the game in any way. Each donation brings to the account a number of diamonds that allow its owner to use additional options for a specified period of time. The status of donor in no way makes its owners privileged, and also does not entitle them to claim compensation for any kind of subsequent actions against them from the team when there are proven infringements.

VI. Game Team

It is not recommended for team members to play LadyPopular, regardless of what name and form they use. Exception is made only in cases when the member has access only to the forum of the game. The team of the Game:

  • is not liable for any damages (game related or not) by users as a result of their participation in the game.
  • is not responsible to any players for problems associated with the game machines or the game as such.
  • reserves the right to compensate players for losses due to actions of the team
  • reserves the right to make corrections in all aspects of the game without prior notice about it.
  • reserves the right to change/supplement these rules and warn about it with mass message in the game and the forum.
  • reserves the right to suspend access to the game when necessary without a prior notice. This applies both to scheduled maintenance stoppages due to the servers, and accidental or emergency situations.


VII. Contacts

The only official contact form with the administration of the game is at You can also use the forum at by placing the themes in the relevant sections or by personal communications but the team is not required to respond there.

IX. Users

By registering an account in the game Users declare that they have read these terms and agree with them, that they will abide by the rules of fair play and are willing to endure the penalties mentioned above, if the team deems it necessary.They accept as their responsibility to be informed regularly about changes in the rules. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse those players who have violated them. They are obliged to take care of personal information and not provide it to others, including former or current members of the team. If such is provided, the team will not take any responsibility.

Rights over the game belong to XS Software JSCo (

Rights that belong to the text XS Software JSCo and prohibited their reproduction in any form without our written consent.

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