Party Center

Party Center – This is the place where you can start the organization of your engagement party or Wedding. Here you can also see the rest of the parties and weddings in the game, so you can join the ladies on their special day and participate in their parties. Participating in the Weddings and Engagement Parties will give you special rewards aside from the fun time that you will spend with the rest of the guests.

Engagement Organization – Every lady who has gone through meetings with all boyfriends is ready to organize her Engagement Party. This is an easy process that is broken down into the following steps:

  • • Hire party agent, so you can start the organization
  • • Hire a place for your party
  • • Get an engagement ring
  • • Rent your furniture
  • • Decorate your place
  • • Get a DJ
  • • Hire your photographer
  • • Select drinks
  • • Select food
  • • Get your and your fiancé’s outfit
  • • Write your and your fiancé’s toast
  • • Make your and your fiancé’s appearance
  • • Create a wish list for your gifts
  • • Create your invitations
  • • Select starting time for your party
  • • Invite your guests

Engagement Party – once you are done with your organization you must wait for your special day to come. The duration of your party is 4 hours. During the party, your guests can take bonuses, complete party missions, use the party chat, give likes for the party and send gifts. The purchased gift is received both by the organizer and the guest who bought it.

While the party is active all players except the organizer can vote for it. The likes determine the winner in the monthly Party podium.

The organizer can take photos while the party is active. The photos are added to the party album in the party page and to an album in his own gallery.

Guests can pick photos from the party album to add to their galleries. The photos are added to the main gallery (not an album).

There are 8 missions in each party. Each of them is active for 30 minutes.

There are 2 types of missions - individual and group.

When the group mission is completed, the players who participated in it, can take their reward but the mission remains active. Other players can still participate in it.

In each party there are 4 group and 4 individual missions. They are selected randomly from the pool of all missions.

Wedding Organization – the wedding organization is similar to the Engagement Organization, but there are few additional steps to follow just after you create your invitations:

  • • Select a theme for a photo contest
  • • Pick your bridesmaids
  • • Pick your Maid of Honor
  • • Select starting time for your party
  • • Invite your guests

Wedding Party – the wedding party is similar to the Engagement Party, but here we have two additional things to look for at the party:

  • Throwing the bouquet - During the respective hour of the party all guests that have not previously caught a bouquet in another wedding have an opportunity to "sign" for the throwing of the bouquet.
  • Photo Contest - The bride picks the contest theme while planning the party. When the party starts all guests can see the theme of the contest in a separate tab “Photo contest”. During the first 3 hours of the party they can add a photo and participate in the contest. The voting lasts for 2 hours - 01:00 to 03:00 hour of the party. All players in the game can have access to the contest’s page and can give one like per photo. The only restriction is that a player cannot like her own photo. An option to like the photos is available under each photo when the voting is opened. The reward is 30 000 Lady Popular Dollars. It is received automatically. If there are several ladies with the same number of likes, the reward is distributed evenly between them. The winners are visible on the contest’s page until the end of the party. The winners should receive a notification with their reward.

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