There are 25 boyfriends in the game.

Dating them gives you bonuses to your popularity stats and rewards and will unlock you the option to get a fiancé and organize an engagement party and wedding party, then make him your husband.


Keep your boyfriend constantly happy daily, otherwise he may leave you.

Kiss him, call him, go on dates, and send him gifts several times per day to keep him happy!


Filling the affection of the boyfriends gives you rewards - points of certain popularity stats and clothing items!

Gifts and Rewards

Every boyfriend will give you 3 gifts.

When you take the first gift from a boyfriend, it gives you a direct bonus point to a certain popularity stat. With the second gift you get two more points, and with the third gift - three more.

After taking all the gifts from the boyfriend, you received a total of 6 bonus points to the stat.

All 25 boyfriends are divided into 5 per stat (without Loyalty), which means that after collecting all the gifts from all the boyfriends, you have 30 bonus points per stat.

Fiancé and Husband

If you collect all the gifts, from all the boyfriends, you will receive a proposal!

If you say Yes! you will get access to the Beauty Salon, the Wardrobe and the Mall for Him and will be able organise the engagement party of your dreams!

After the engagement party, you can organise the perfect wedding, too! So exciting!

Bonuses from Fiancé and Husband

The bonuses given by the fiancé and husband, are calculated on the points you received from the boyfriends. With a maximum bonus of 50% of the fiancé, you have a 45 bonus points (15 on top of 30 from all Boyfriends) on each stat, and with a maximum bonus of 100% of the husband, you receive a 60 bonus points (30 on top of 30 from all Boyfriends) on each stat.

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