Lady Club

Do not miss the great benefits of joining a club - increase your popularity, win club trophies, activate club talents, and meet a lot of new friends!

You have several options you can choose from to become a part of a Lady club:

  • create your own Lady club
  • apply to an existing club
  • accept an invitation from a Lady club

If you choose to create a Lady club your role is “president”. You have the option to promote as many of your club members as you want to vice-presidents. You can also resign your “president” position, but you must give this role to another club member because there cannot be a Lady club without a president, and every club can have only one president.

When you join a Lady club your role is “member”.

Invest in your club to increase its skills and increase your popularity stats!

Except for club skills, investments made in the club, can be used for:

  • • Changing the logo and the name of the club
  • • Starting club fights
  • • Buying eggs and tomatoes that increase club’s chances to win fights
  • • Activating club talents

Club challenges

Club challenges are fights between all members of two opponent clubs. Every club can have only one attack and one defense per day.

Only president and vice-presidents can challenge other clubs.

When they select a club, they must pick an hour during the next day when the fight will be held. To participate in the fight, the members of the attacker’s club have to sign up, otherwise their ladies won’t take part in the attack. Тhe winner in the club fight takes Fame points and has a chance to steal a trophy from the losing team!

If ladies want to increase their chances of winning, they can buy eggs and tomatoes before the fight which will be used automatically against their opponents during fight.

  • Eggs decrease one of the opponent’s six popularity statistics to 0.
  • Tomatoes decrease all the opponent’s popularity statistics by 30%.

Fashion show

As a member of a club, you can participate in the Club’s Fashion Show (Album in the mobile app). To do so, you need to activate different elements. From the fashion show you can win dollars and emeralds for the club’s cash box. Also, there is a chance to win a trophy for your club!


Trophies can be won in 2 ways:

  • • By stealing one from another club after a successful club fight
  • • By completing fashion shows.

Owning a trophy gives the club’s me mbers different bonuses depending on the type of the trophy – faster blue energy refill, higher income from apartment, more money won from competing in the Beauty Pageant, etc.

You should keep in mind that each trophy in possession decreases all club members’ popularity characteristics during club fights by 10%.

Club Talents

The club talents will be unlocked when the club reaches level 120 and can be activated by club’s president or vice-presidents.

When a club talent is activated, its benefits are available to all club members!

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