The Gallery is your special place! Take photos of your favorite outfits and share them with your friends!


Create an amazing outfit and take a photo of it! You can take photos on an amazing background, with your pet or with your boy !

Еach photo you take has a unique link with which you can share with your friends, inside or outside of the game!


Create albums, add titles to them, and organize your photos so you can enjoy them more easily!

You can have a maximum of 50 photos in one album, and you can delete a photo or an album any time you want!

Photos and Albums Slots

You start with 10 free photo slots and 1 free album slot, but don't worry, you can buy more, and continue to take amazing photos! You can also win photo and album slots from some of the Events in the game!

Photos from your engagement or wedding party will be added to your gallery even if you don't have free slots! Amazing!

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